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To each other we are everything

To each other we are everything is the inaugural digital exhibition of The Khan Collection showcasing the meditative process of developing its first artworks carried by three patrons in Tripoli.

The Khan Collection is an ongoing project by The Khan: The Arab Association for Prototyping Cultural Practices supported by Culture Resource. The Khan Collection’s online exhibition featuring process documentation of three artworks by Julia Saab, Tala Salman, and Nicol Yamin is commissioned and hosted by Tariff Mag. Foreword by Raafat Majzoub

Qul lil-maliha. Qul lil-maliiiiiha. In her, my grandmother carried bits and pieces of imaginary wholes we consider Arab culture. Matha fa’alti bil nasiki-l-mota’abbidi. In me, I carry bits and pieces of my grandmother whom I consider home. Reservoirs. To each other we are everything. To each other. We are everything. I continue to build this home as conduits of embrace where we can carry each other. Man lam yathoq ta’m-al-mahabbati ma maras. Unintentional bridges unravel. They carry me and I carry them. Structures that elevate us into the imaginary. Inviting reservoirs. Carrying music in which we are the notes and the silences and the instruments and the will to play.

In them, our cities carry bits and pieces of untold wholes we assume we know. Narratives beyond narrativity. Yearning reservoirs. Qalban mashouqan la yaroumu siwak. Undercurrents. Infrastructures that are ready to manifest our fictions. To carry us into unrealistic things we desire. New languages for new stories. The will to play.

Trablus. A perfumed city called vastness. Al Fayhaa. In her, we uncover bits and pieces with new friends who join our invitation to play. Personal stories speculating the future. Not folklore. We build bridges. Connect infrastructures. Charge reservoirs. Together, we validate our belief in fictions. We manifest imaginations. As we collect them, they carry us and we carry them. With old notes, silences and instruments, we play new homes. Conversations as conduits of embrace. Where we can carry each other. Beyond narrativity.

Art market vs Khan Collection diagram

The Khan Collection is an experimental institutional collection initiated and run by The Khan: The Arab Association for Prototyping Cultural Practices as a new model of commissioning, circulating, and archiving art that incorporates the public as stakeholders in the art market, and works towards collective value building.

The Khan invites unlikely art patrons to join its collection. Each patron is matched with an artist to create a personalized artwork they would co-parent with The Khan. The artwork represents the artist’s response to the patron’s desires after several conversations and tests, and is later given to the patron for personal use. Each patron keeps the artwork either at home or work, and at their request, The Khan monetizes it either through rent or sale. The Khan also creates replicas of these artworks as posters whose profit is shared equally between the artist, patron and The Khan. In the case of sale, The Khan maintains co-parent status with the new owner to ensure the lineage and growth of the archive.

Through this collection, The Khan is exploring a model where an art collection can expand infinitely. Instead of being in a centralized storage, the artworks are publically used. In addition to being part of their patron’s lives, displayed in their personal spaces, these artworks also express their desires, and as a collection, generate glimpses of public taste and dreams in their respective regions.

For the first three artworks of The Khan Collection, The Khan commissioned three young artists, Julia Saab, Tala Salman and Nicol Yamin, that are also part of its core team, to work with three inaugural patrons, Rachad, Nabil and Ali, and create artworks specifically for them.

If you are artist and would like to contribute, please fill this form.

For other support and general inquiry, please drop us an email.

Full credits

The Khan team
—Raafat Majzoub, Director
—Julia Saab, Design researcher & commissioned artist for Rachad
—Tala Salman, Design researcher & commissioned artist for Nabil
—Nicol Yamin, Communications desiger & commissioned artist for Ali

Supported by
—Culture Resource

Online exhibition commissioned and hosted by
Tariff | تعريف

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